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Abby Hazlett
dancer, mermaid, content creator

Abby Hazlett/Rook Barber
Abby Hazlett_Midnights Era

Currently: Taylor Swift Eras Photo Series on Instagram

The Empire Strips Back (San Francisco) - Original American Cast

Abby Hazlett/The Empire Strips Back
Abby Hazlett/Young Frankenstein/Kelly Tunney
Abby Hazlett/The Addams Family/Goat Factory Media
Abby Hazlett/Grand Hotel/The Rev Theatre Company/Goat Factory Media
Abby Hazlett/Cabaret/Elena Dee Photography
Abby Hazlett/Cinderella
Abby Hazlett/Cool Yule
Abby Hazlett/Justin Lutsky
Abby Hazlett/Beauty and the Beast/Kelly Tunney

The Addams Family

Grand Hotel - The Rev Theatre Company

Cabaret (Fraulein Kost)

Cinderella (Original Musical)

Young Frankenstein (Inga)

Justin Lutsky - Submerge Underwater

Cool Yule (California's Great America) - RWS Entertainment Group

Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Justin Lutsky - Submerge Underwater

Abby Hazlett/Justin Lutksy

Legally Blonde (Elle Woods)

Abby Hazlett/Legally Blonde
About Me

About Me.

Abby is a professional dancer, singer, actor, mermaid, content creator, reader, and Taylor Swift fan originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, currently based out of New York City. She holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in musical theatre, with a minor in dance. Abby has been lucky enough to work and perform with Broadway, regional, and international greats throughout her career thus far, such as Russall S. Beattie, Brett Smock, Michele Ragusa, George Dvorsky, Parker Esse, Robin Levine, and Jim Cooney, among others. She is currently an inaugural dance instructor at the new DivaDance franchise location in Brooklyn/Prospect Park. You can view her current class schedule and sign up for classes here.

In 2022, Abby made her west coast debut in the original American cast of The Empire Strips Back: A Star Wars Burlesque Parody in San Francisco, California, at the historic Great Star Theatre.  That same summer, Abby also wrote and produced her own solo show, ExMen: Not About Superheroes, pt. 2, at multiple fringe festivals across the western United States, where she serenaded and joked with audiences about her exes, featuring the music of Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Maisie Peters, and Olivia Rodrigo.

In 2020, Abby started her career as a professional mermaid at the very popular Myrtle Beach tourist destination Pirate's Table, which helped her garner a following of over seventy thousand followers on TikTok. In 2021 and 2022, she was lucky to work with award-winning and world-renowned underwater photographer Justin Lutsky with Submerge Underwater on two photoshoots.

With the launch of her new updated website, Abby has added a blog section to connect with fellow readers and Swifties - follow along for silly little discussions about favorite songs, relatable lyrics, books read, and more silly goofy topics! You can also follow Abby on TikTok and Instagram (@theabbyhazlett).

"Abby's voice is mesmerizing. I was drawn in by each tidbit she shared with us... Matter of fact, seems to be my theme for my (San Francisco) Fringe selections so far this year: people with an urgent need to tell their story and who aren't hiding behind artifice."

- praise for ExMen: Not About Superheroes, pt. 2, San Francisco Fringe Festival 2022

Abby Hazlett_Rook Barber
Abby Hazlett/ExMen Hollywood
"(Abby) has a beautiful voice. She bravely describes her dreadful romances while inter-splicing music and lyrics. Nice!"

- praise for ExMen: Not About Superheroes, pt. 2, San Francisco Fringe Festival 2022

Abby Hazlett/Lover Era

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