Carrie Wilson

Carrie is the daughter of famous rock star Trevor Wilson who is the lead singer and face of her own pop girl group, Dirty Candy. She's fiercely ambitious in her music career (sometimes too much) and doesn't let anyone get in her way, including Julie and the mysterious boy band behind her.

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Abby as Carrie Wilson

 Learn more about Abby's creation of Carrie! 

The Jacket

by DOMDRICH Studio

This unique vinyl jacket was designed and created by the Domdrich Studio based in Odessa, Ukraine. You can find them and their other vinyl pieces here on Etsy.

The Sequin Set

by Abby

This prototype of Carrie's sequin legging/crop top set was created by Abby using elastic sequin trim, plain leggings, and a plain tube top. Abby plans to upgrade to a more functional set after practicing her sewing skills.

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