Mermaid Abby

Meet the Mersonas!

A mersona is a merperson's "mermaid persona", their personality they show off or the vibe they give off. Some have only one, or some have multiple, but each is distinct, specific, and truly unique to each and every merperson. Mermaid Abby's mersonas are all inspired by her favorite Disney characters.

Mermaid Abby as Mermaid Elsa


Inspiration: Ice Queen Elsa (Disney's Frozen)

Crown: Mermaidazzle

Top: Sirenalia

Tail: FinFun/Haley Mermaid

Mermaid Abby as Mermaid Elsa
Mermaid Abby as Mermaid Elsa
Mermaid Abby

Te Ka

Inspiration: Te Ka (Disney's Moana)

Crown: Alexandria Ireijo

Top: Mertailor

Tail: MagicTail

Mermaid Abby
Mermaid Abby

 Mersonas Coming

In 2021! 


inspired by Disney's Moana


inspired by Stars Wars' Luke Skywalker


inspired by Star Wars: Episodes VII-IX

What Disney-inspired mersonas do you think Mermaid Abby could take on next?

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