Mermaid Elsa

This persona is inspired by one of Mermaid Abby's favorite Disney icons: Queen Elsa. A tail of blues and purples with touches of silver, you might just see this mermaid swimming from the fjords of Arendelle or the Atlantic coast.

Mermaid Abby

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Mermaid Abby in Mermaidazzle Crown
The Crown

by Mermaidazzle

This crown was designed and created by Mermaidazzle, inspired by Elsa's original coronation crown in the movie Frozen.

Mermaid Abby in FinFun/Haley Mermaid Tai
The Tail

by FinFun & Haley Mermaid

This tail is a hybrid tail with a fabric body by designed and created by FinFun and a silicone fluke designed and created by Haley Mermaid.

Mermaid Abby in Sirenalia Top
The Starfish Top

by Sirenalia

This simple silicone and netting starfish top is by Sirenalia, with extra silicone starfish additions created by Haley Mermaid and added by Mermaid Abby.

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