Mermaid Pua

This mersona was inspired by Disney's Moana's animal sidekick Pua, the cute, often clumsy little piglet. In the animated film, he's afraid of the water, probably because Moana knocked over their boat one too many times, and he doesn't start trusting it again until Moana returns from her journey to restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Mermaid Pua

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Mermaid Pua
The Tail

by Shello Mermaid

Shello Mermaid custom designed this tail in collaboration with Mermaid Abby using their Elysium fluke and original selkie mermaid tail design.

Mermaid Abby
The Top

by FinFolk Productions

This top is a FinFolk Productions mythic scale top, scales originally designed by the famous Mermaid Kariel, who now regularly collaborates with the equally famous FinFolk Productions.

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