Mermaid Rey

This mersona is inspired by the iconic protagonist of the latest three installments of the Star Wars film legacy: Rey. From traveling the universe to find Luka Skywalker, to taking down the forces of evil, she is a rebel at heart, fierce, strong, and independent. It's safe to say that the force is strong with this one.

Mermaid Rey

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Mermaid Rey
The Tail

by FinFolk Productions

This tail is the original Riverbend design by FinFolk Productions, originally part of the limited Black Friday 2020 release, featuring one of their popular Loreena flukes.

Mermaid Abby
The "Force-Sensitive" Hat

by Adelaide's Fort

This hat is from the online store Adelaide's Fort, which features tees, sweatshirts, hats, and more referencing and inspired by your favorite movies, television series, and music artists.

Mermaid Abby
The Top

by Haley Mermaid

This top is an original Made by a Mar seaweed top by Haley Mermaid, featuring a large starfish and a large seashell.

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