Siren Te Ka

This mersona was inspired by the villain of Disney's Moana, lava demon Te Ka. Te Ka is the form Te Fiti degraded into when her heart was stolen from her by Maui, the demigod, and she remained in that intimidating form until her heart was returned to her by Moana.

Mermaid Abby

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Mermaid Abby in Alexandria Ireijo Crown
The Crown

by Alexandria Ireijo

This crown was designed and created by one of Mermaid Abby's good friends, Alexandria Ireijo.

Mermaid Abby
The Tail

by MagicTail

This tail by MagicTail, based in Germany, was first worn by Abby in The Rev Theatre Company's original immersive production of Who Done It?!: The Case of the Cheesy Caper.

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Mermaid Abby
Scale Top

by Mertailor

This scale top was one of the original Mertailor scale tops, first designed and created for Mermaid Shannon. Mermaid Abby has added additional silicone decoration by Haley Mermaid.

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