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Not as Easy as Knowing All the Words to Your Old Favorite Songs: My Top 5 Lover Tracks

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Taylor Swift released her seventh studio album, Lover, in 2019, and recently released a leaked song fans are calling a "Lover vault track".

Warning: opinions may differ from your own, and that's okay!

Some people love to hate Lover, but those are just people who don't like to have fun and be silly and happy. Personally, Lover is one of my favorite Taylor Swift albums.

I love this album so much not because it's Taylor's absolute best work, but because of the way it makes me feel. This album makes me feel happy and giddy and light and silly and like I wanna roll my windows down and scream every lyric into the summer breeze. While some of her albums give summer vibes (folklore, Taylor Swift, Fearless), I think this is TRULY a summer album.

#5: Death By A Thousand Cuts

The production? A bop. The lyrics? Ouch.

Favorite lyric:

You said it was a great love, one for the ages, but if the stories over, why am I still writing pages?

I am invincible while screaming this bridge. If Taylor Swift can do one thing (and she can do multiple), it's make A LIST.

#4: Cornelia Street

Favorite lyric:

Sacred new beginnings that became my religion.

#3: Afterglow

Taylor Swift wrote this song for the anxiety girlies who just want to love and be loved, am I right?

Favorite lyric:

Tell me that you're still mine. Tell me that we'll be just fine, even if I lose my mind.

My anxious attachment little heart feels this song in my core.

#2: The Archer

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#1: Cruel Summer

To be honest, the ONLY thing that puts "Cruel Summer" above "The Archer" for me is that "Cruel Summer" makes me happy and wanna sing and dance, while "The Archer" makes me moody and introspective and a little sad, and I am here for the good vibes, okay?

Favorite lyric:

"I love you", ain't that the worst thing you ever heard?

These lyrics aren't as "ouch" as "Death By A Thousand Cuts", but... Ouch.

"All Of The Girls You Loved Before" update: I don't think I can quite say that this song could knock any of my top 5 out of the running, but... give me another few weeks and we'll see. I do know one thing, though: please let this mean she's also going to release Need! Because I for one NEED to be able to stream it on repeat!

Favorite lyric:

I'm so thankful for all of the girls you loved before, and I love you more.

All music and lyrics discussed here are by Taylor Swift from her studio album Lover. Production credits for Lover are as follows: the primary artist is Taylor Swift, with The Chicks and Brendon Urie as featured artists; originally released on August 23, 2019; released under the labels Republic Records and Universal Music Group; produced by Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, Louis Bell, Frank Dukes, and Joel Little; lyrics by Taylor Swift, Frank Dukes, Louis Bell, St. Vincent, Jack Antonoff, Joel Little, Sounwave, Cautious Clay, Brendon Urie, and Adam King Feeney. Learn more about Taylor Swift at and follow her on social media at the handles @taylornation and @taylorswift.

All photos featured in this article were taken by me. See my full Lover photo series on Instagram: @theabbyhazlett.

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